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Audiobits Ground Box

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Audiobits Ground Box

Post by JolinTsai on Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:51 pm

Audiobits Ground Box

  • Weight: ~1.4KG 
  • Size: 165L x 95W x 75H (mm)
  • Introductory / pre-order price: RM490 / unit 
  • Usual price: RM990 / unit 
  • Price inclusive of Audiobits Ground Box and interconnect wire. Interconnect wire with IEC plug requires additional RM50, purchased separately.
  • Tips: keep the wires to be <0.5M 

HIFI is a very complicated and magical item. Something that does not even sound logical scientifically, actually works. And, this has been proven again and again. Audiobits Ground Box, is one of them! Lots of audiophiles tried and provided feedback that it brings improvement to sound, as well as video! The textures and contrast had improved upon application of this device. 


  • After connecting this to the digital ground, the sound gets smoother, with very obvious darker background. Soundstage extended further to the back. The sound is cleaner yet with no lost in body.
  • Overall, the changes is very obvious. The highs get rounder, with more harmonics. Background got quieter. The most important thing is, it has more relaxed and at ease sound. The character did not change, the tonality has improved. Well worth the money.
  • It lowers the system distortion. The frequency extensions are clearer. The background got slightly darker.
  • Blacker black, better low and high extension. Mids improved. Instruments have better separation. Dynamics improved.
  • Sound got more delicate, more refined. Everything are delivered clearly, with more sweet and prominent vocals, probably because of better dynamics, lower noise floor.
  • Vocals are brought more forward into the room, more details, and soundstage solidified. 
  • When it is connected to the output ground, and the chassis, in overall, it presents a quieter background. Mid-low frequency improvement are more obvious. More details are revealed, a positive outcome. Once the ground box is positioned, please do not move it or else it needs some time to stabilize.

We are not afraid of showing you the internals. You can take a look and see if it is worth your money. Do not judge the look by itself. What's more important is the improvement it brings with such little investment. 

Ground box is not invented by us. It is by some manufacturers overseas, on basis of electrical and physics, with proper explanation behind their products. We tried, and it in deed is effective. Such products are sold at a very high price. Upon analysis, the materials are not that expensive itself, and the whole composition is not that complex either. Therefore, we've come up with an inexpensive version - Audiobits Ground Box! 

Special notes:

  1. This box is not guaranteed to work. Everyone's systems are different and the sensitivity to this is dependent on the equipment connected. It could have worked wonders, and vice versa. 
  2. 7 days money back guarantee. Buyer pays return shipping to us. Items must be returned in original conditions and original packaging that is re-sale-able. 
  3. If you are those skeptical audiophiles, save your postage, do not buy. Negative placebo effects apply. 


  1. Try different ground wires
  2. Try different grounding points
  3. Try different ground lengths
  4. Try different support for ground box (spikes, rubber, foam and etc)
  5. Try different number of ground boxes connected

Bundled cable is 4mm2 silver plated copper with Teflon insulation. Audiobits ground box is very sensitive to cables. We tried many, and silver plated copper is the best, although cost is considerably higher. 

Note: the alligator clip is removable. The cable is with Y-plug and banana plug at the other end. You can connect it either ways, according to the situation.

Audiobits Ground Box with different grounding interconnects. 

Application notes:

  1. Audiobits Ground Box is for noise absorption. Ground box do not need to be powered electrically. 
  2. Audiobits Ground Box CANNOT replace real ground. 
  3. Audiobits Ground Box can be connected to any ground points in the system. Effect varies due to different grounding method from the connected equipment.
  4. If the chassis is painted, or oxidized, the effects will be affected. It needs good clean connection to the ground of the equipment. Clean it before connecting. 
  5. Examples - ground of RCA socket, ground of speaker binding post, ground of chassis, mains ground, and etc. 
  6. Caution - do not touch the Audiobits Ground Box binding post after it is connected, just in case there are leakage or shorts. 

Recommendations - connect 1 Audiobits Ground Box to 1 equipment only. If you have more equipment, buy more Audiobits Ground Boxes!  

Before use:

  1. Shake it to even out the materials as some components will settle during transportation.
  2. Place it for at least 2 hours, or ideally overnight to let it settle before serious listening.
  3. Place it on stable surface. Vibrations will affect the effects of the unit. It is VERY sensitive to vibrations. 
  4. Burn in of 72 hours are needed to achieve maximum performance.


  1. Darker / quieter background.
  2. Details retrieval
  3. Deeper depth
  4. Better soundstage
  5. Lower noise floor
  6. Better low and high frequency extension

Audiobits ground box needs to breath. It cannot be painted, waxed or oiled. Do it at your own cost! It uses soft wood for best effects. Hard wood is detrimental to the effectiveness. 
Take a look at the internals - it is very simple actually. 1 piece of 4N copper plate with high end copper binding posts. Unlike some, that only uses thin copper wires. The copper plate effects are much more prominent!
Special concoction of minerals are inserted. These natural stones are a secret formula of ours. It is formulated after many iterations and experiments. It is not filled fully so that it can breathe for better effectiveness. 
Audiobits Ground Box can be connected to an extension cord. The main purpose of the Audiobits Ground Box is to absorb ground noise and let all the noise electrons gets absorbed to the ground box. The worse the ground on the system, the better the effects of the ground box. 

Do note that the ground box is a virtual ground and MUST NOT be used to replace the ground/Earth line. 
The Audiobits Ground Box can be connected to the negative terminal of the speakers too. When speakers are working, back EMF will be generated by the speaker drivers and this is affecting the power amplifier, causing diffused sound and noise. The Audiobits Ground Box will help to absorb the high frequency back EMF and reduce the negative impact to the sound. Do note that each speaker requires 1 ground box - do not share!

Last edited by JolinTsai on Tue Dec 08, 2015 6:56 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Pictures didn't show up.)


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Re: Audiobits Ground Box

Post by JolinTsai on Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:19 am

Bump. Out of stock now. New stock will be ready on mid of Jan'16. Thank you! santa


Number of posts : 54
Age : 42
Location : Penang, Malaysia
Registration date : 2015-11-27

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