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Post by alchemis on Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:59 pm


i have one unit of JVC Wood Series HA-SW01 headphone for sale. I bought 20th July 2018. only 3 months old.
Condition: 9.5/10 full box and accesories still in tact.
Reason for sale: still prefer HiFi over HeadFi, hence under utilised.

i will FOC one DIY headphone stand. a little ugly but it works. the sound quality is exceptional.

PRICE: MYR 1800. my lost is your gain.

PM or whatsapp me at 012-3848732 Mr. Lim

i will upload the photo on monday as i left the headphone in my office.

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 2018-113 the ugly DIY headphone stand.


Large caliber 50 μm light weight Wood dome 
high quality sound depicted by diaphragm and rich sense of presence

A new wooden diaphragm corresponding to the high resolution sound source has realized 
the natural and delicate sound unique to trees, realizing a 
high resolution sound full of presence.

Experience the versatility of all the instruments of the full orchestra and the 
overwhelming presence as if you are in front of the performer.


Newly developed 
"high caliber 40 mm wood dome unit" corresponding to high resolution reproduction

Innovation technology evolution enables development of diaphragm of large diameter wood for band. 
The material chosen and the inevitable technology create unique personality.

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 42a0955e8bdacc2ff5a8dcc96870b300

Newly developed  large caliber wood dome diaphragm

Succeeded in enlarging the diameter of "wooden diaphragm" making good use of the characteristics of trees. 
Realize high quality natural sound and rich realism.

We have evolved our own thin film processing technology and developed a newly developed large diameter 40 mm "Wood Dome diaphragm" which is about 11 times the diaphragm ratio (*) of conventional wood which had been regarded as difficult until now. 
(*) Compared with the WOOD series "HA - FX 1100 / FX 850", it corresponds
to the clear and delicate sound expression of the high - resolution sound source, in addition to the natural sound of "wood", realizes a wide space expression unique to a large caliber did.

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 61c35338299244962a5b5018469b389e
Movement of the diaphragm has been squeezed by the use of "wood" material heavy in specific gravity by about 11 times as compared with conventional (*), and development has been difficult. 
Therefore, reconsider the thinning of the wood sheet of the birch material adopted for the diaphragm. 
We succeeded in reducing the thickness of about 40% from the conventional 80 μm (micron) to 50 μm, making the diaphragm lighter. 
This made clear and delicate sound reproduction possible. Also, we adopted a highly rigid PEN material for the film diaphragm part. 
(*) In comparison with the WOOD series "HA-FX 1100 / FX 850"

【Comparison of wood diaphragm material (wood sheet)】
JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 Bf97189ec194107e5f9296aa72ecc333
Newly developed 50 μm wood sheet (birch material)

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 Ba6251ce5b029fafe4334a6aecedf246
Conventional (*) 80 μm wood sheet (birch material)

Newly developed  high energy magnetic circuit

It realizes a high magnetic flux density exceeding 1 T (Tesla) and strongly drives a large-sized wood dome diaphragm. 
Furthermore, we developed a new plate shape that drastically improved the linearity in line with the wood dome diaphragm. 
It enables front-to-rear symmetrical amplitude operation, realizing reproduction faithful to the original sound.

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 74f1531f4ae7711d1749303ab02c2acd

Improve driving force

Adopt newly developed plate shape for magnetic circuit. This makes it possible to effectively utilize the magnetic force of a powerful neodymium magnet, improving the driving force received by the voice coil.

Linearity improvement

By adopting the new plate shape, it suppresses the fluctuation of the driving force when the voice coil moves back and forth, and reduces distortion. Magnetic force improved in the ideal direction with good balance between the front and back.
JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 328db71379fd352528b4cd076e6892d0
JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 Bb6318353d04b030c82e4ca05d56bbb0
JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 68f4be72aed9abd90b7764950e1b4ce8

Proprietary vibration control technology using "wood" parts, high sound quality

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 5170191147207c9d367c167290aef12b
Behind the "wood dome diaphragm", we placed a "wood plate" processed into a ring shape, absorbing and diffusing reflected sound inside the unit, realizing high resolution. Also, in front of the diaphragm, a brass ring is loaded, improving the vibration damping performance and increasing the resolution of the sound.

A wood-on housing that reproduces the reverberation of rich realism

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 F9d318e7b12609620de1774da1db2dfd
It adopts a wood-on housing which has a very solid structure which stacks several ten layers of solid wood. 
It gives stability and uniformity to the sound of trees, realizes natural sound spread, lingering, rich realism.

Early Direct Baffle & High Reso Specification Comfortable Ear Pad

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 A39a9cd64ba86d8880807a2aaabab762
Tilt the baffle according to the angle of the ear and adopt the ear direct baffle which transmits sound without loss. 
Comfortable type ear pad which draws out the potential of the high resolution sound source without leaving it without fail to achieve comfortable fit and high quality sound. I stick to the mesh material and opening ratio of the front of the driver unit.

Adopt detachable L / R independent ground plug & cable and "Anti vibration ledge"

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 A8709ddb048f51881119f851e39c5d9e
Adopted L / R independent ground plug & cable to improve separation and realize natural spatial expression. 
Anti-vibration jack "which stabilizes the contact of plug of detachable cable and jack, suppresses sound quality deterioration due to vibration. 
In addition, adopting a cloth wound cable with a sense of quality, improved hardness and strength.

Carrying case convenient for taking out to the outdoor included Swivel mechanism that is easy to store in a bag

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 2618520a294985a71585adfc894c8f4d

Further high sound quality (WOOD 01) by selective selection of acoustic wood parts

The premium model (WOOD 01) adopts a maple material's wood baffle / sound bar / balanced wood plug, and it is arranged with the optimal combination material and shape. 
We realized clearer and delicate sound and wide space representation. 
Furthermore, it adopts acoustic solder excellent in acoustic characteristics, suppresses muddiness of sound, and delicately expresses it to the reverberation and the depth of the sound.

JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 8d77bc7a84badaaf7fa57b06f544d727
【WOOD 01 structure diagram image】
JVC WOOD SERIES HEADPHONE HA-SW01 33e536a81f1ac117aae2ab6a3baf7c8f

  • 1. High resolution specification compatible ear pad

  • 2. Ear Direct Baffle

  • 3. Wood baffle (WOOD 01 only)

  • 4. Brass Ring

  • 5. Wood dome diaphragm

  • 6. Wood Plate

  • 7. High Energy Magnetic Circuit

  • 8. Unit frame

  • 9.40 mm Wood dome unit

  • 10. Unit holder

  • 11. Soundboard (WOOD 01 only)

  • 12. Sound absorbing material

  • 13. Vibration control wood plug (WOOD 01 only)

  • 14. Independent ground plug & cable

  • 15. Wood on housing

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