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TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming

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TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Empty TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming

Post by on Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:02 pm

TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Brand New. Now Selling At RM2,199. Free Shipping Within West Malaysia.
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         TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Es_tea18


A new standard in high-resolution audio, delivering high performance audio from a desktop component

Main Features

Dual monaural design, compatible with high-resolution DSD
Capable of 5.6MHz DSD native playback
The USB input facility allows DSD native playback which converts 5.6MHz DSD files directly into analog signals without needing first to convert it to PCM. It supports both the ASIO2.1 and DoP (DSD over PCM) conversion methods. Using the AI-301DA in conjunction with the TEAC HR Audio Player* high-resolution playback computer software application, anyone can easily explore the world of high-rez digital audio, including 5.6MHz DSD or 32bit/192 kHz PCM files, without having to grapple with complex settings etc.
USB輸入能以DSD低失真播放,可將5.6MHz DSD檔案直接轉換成類比訊號,不須先轉換成PCM檔案。亦支援ASIO2.1DoP (DSD over PCM)轉換方式,同時使用UD-301TEAC HR Audio Player*高解析電腦播放應用程式,任何人都能夠輕鬆地探索高解析數位音頻的世界,包含5.6MHz DSD32bit/192 kHz PCM檔案,且不需要費力的進行複雜的設定。
TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml\wpsC8A2.tmp
Asynchronous mode-capable USB input
When receiving digital audio signals from a computer via USB cable, the unit can operate in asynchronous mode, controlling the timing of the input signal using the UD-301's internal clock (which is identical to the one used in the UD-501). With asynchronous transmission over USB, signal compromising jitter is effectively eliminated, allowing digital audio signals to be transmitted in a pure, unadulterated state.
Up to 192kHz up-conversion option.
When handling digital signals of 96kHz and less, users have the option to upconvert to double or quadruple the original signal sampling frequency. Even when playing back a 44.1kHz sound source (equivalent to CD sound quality) a smoother analog audio signal can be obtained in order to convert to a higher resolution digital signal. Naturally, this up-conversion facility can be switched in or out, according to the user's preference.
Dual monaural design eliminates interference between the left and right channels
In order to process the audio signal from a high-resolution sound source in a purer state, we adopt a dual monaural circuit design whereby each of the left and right channels comprises its own single monaural circuit. This avoids mutual interference between the left and right channels and enables pure stereo playback.
High-performance BurrBrown PCM1795 digital-analog converter
The two internal BurrBrown 1795 digital-to-analog converter units each work on a single channel (left or right) for true dual monaural operation. They are capable of 32-bit processing and so have the capacity to process 5.6MHz DSD data in large quantities, making them indispensible for faithful and accurate playback of high-resolution sound sources.
高性能BurrBrown PCM1795 數位類比轉換器
每個聲道(左聲道或右聲道)各採用一個BurrBrown PCM 1795 D/A轉換器,以確保準確的雙單聲道操作。它們能夠進行32-bit處理,所以能大量處理5.6MHz DSD檔案,是進行忠實與準確的高解析訊源播放不可或缺的部分。
TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml\wpsC8A3.tmp
MUSE operational amplifier enables highest quality analog signal processing
We use these in the analog circuit, they are a vital element in determining the final sound quality. They transform the electrical current output of the D/A converter into a voltage signal. We opted for a dual monaural configuration for the operational amplifiers, employing two MUSES8920 operational amplifier units, one on each of the left and right channels. These devices are made by New Japan Radio and are designed especially for hi-fi audio.
我們將這些材料用於類比電路當中,它們是決定最終聲音品質的關鍵,能將D/A轉換器的電流輸出轉換成電壓訊號。我們為運算放大器選用了雙單聲道設計,左右聲道各採用一個MUSES8920運算放大器元件。此外,這些裝置都是由New Japan Radio特別為hi-fi音響所製造的。
TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml\wpsC8A4.tmp
Even the headphone amplifiers used in the CCLC circuits are of dual monaural design
The 100mW + 100mW output (at 32 ohms load) headphone amplifier uses CCLC (Coupling Capacitor Less Circuit) technology. In conventional headphone output circuits, a capacitor is used for output-stage coupling, and so the sound is unavoidably colored. When the capacitor is combined with a high-pass filter this often results in phase lags, or low frequency level degradation. With CCLC the negative impact of capacitors on sound quality is eliminated, providing full low-frequency sound and a responsive headphone listening environment with great spatiality. 
100mW + 100mW輸出(32Ω)的耳機擴大機採用CCLC (Coupling Capacitor Less Circuit耦合低電容線路) 科技。傳統的耳機輸出電路,輸出級耦合的部分採用了電容器,因此聲音很難不被染色,當電容器與高通濾波器結合時,通常會造成相位延遲或是低頻音量降低,藉由使用CCLC,就能刪除電容器對聲音所造成的負面影響,且提供豐沛的低音,及富有空間感的耳機聆聽環境。
TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml\wpsC8A5.tmp
Doubles as a no-compromise, high-performance headphone amp
In addition to the dual monaural headphone circuits, there are options to switch off the XLR and RCA outputs on the rear panel. By cutting the power supply and isolating those circuits that are unrelated to the headphone output, the performance of the UD-301's headphone output can be maximized. This feature also makes the headphone amp very easy to use as the volume control for the headphones is completely separate from the output mode (Fixed, Adjustable or Off) on the rear panel.
除了雙單聲道耳機電路外,亦可選擇將後背板的XLRRCA輸出關閉,透過切斷電源供應並將與耳機輸出無關的電路獨立,UD-301耳機輸出的表現就能夠發揮到淋漓盡致。很簡單地,這個特色就能將耳機擴大機作為耳機的音量控制,且與後背板的輸出模式(FIX, VARI, OFF固定、可變或關閉)完全分離。
Toroidal core power transformer provides stable power flow
A high-efficiency toroidal core power transformer with low magnetic flux leakage is used to guarantee the stable operation of the twin left and right D/A converters that are so essential to the UD-301's high-speed signal processing. This transformer provides a stable power supply even in situations where a sudden surge of power is required, such as when starting up at very high volume.
TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml\wpsC8B5.tmp
Well-engineered aluminum enclosure, compact proportions
Following on from our development of the 501 series concept (small high-performance audio components that can be fitted on a desktop) we decided, at the outset, that the 301 series would be an even more compact design. Now, the casework has been shrunken to just 215mm wide, allowing greater freedom in positioning the amplifier. External highlights include aluminum panels and a motor-driven volume knob with the tactile feel you'd expect from controls found in high end full-size hi-fi components. At the same time, the solid enclosure underpinned by the metal chassis, is impressively inert, minimizing the effects of vibration on the unit's sound quality.
TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml\wpsC8B6.tmp TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml\wpsC8C7.tmp
XLR balanced output
The UD-301 is equipped with an XLR balanced output that can be connected not only to other domestic hi-fi components but also to professional audio equipment. As a highly versatile, high-performance D-A converter, the UD-301 offers a high degree of interoperability with devices ranging from those used by discerning consumers all the way up to those used in the professional domain. 
TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ksohtml\wpsC8C8.tmp
Connectable to a power amp in pre-amp mode
The XLR balanced output and RCA unbalanced outputs on the rear panel can both be set at Fixed, Adjustable or Off. Using the Adjustable setting, the UD-301 can be connected to a power amplifier to create a system with a separate pre amp and power amp or, alternatively, can be directly connected to an active speaker.
後面板XLR平衡輸出與RCA非平衡輸出,可以FIX,VARIOFF (固定、可變或關閉) 進行設定。使用可變設定,UD-301就能與後級連接,以創造一個前級與後級分離的系統,亦可直接與主動式喇叭連接。
Features at-a-glance
· 2.8MHz/5.6MHz DSD native playback (via USB input)
· 24bit/192kHz PCM file playback
· Asynchronous mode capability
· 192kHz up-conversion option (with On/Off selection)
· 2 x BurrBrown PCM1795 digital-to-analog converters
· Dual monaural design
· 2 x MUSES8920 operational amplifier units
· Dual monaural CCLC headphone output circuit
· Toroidal core power transformer
· Full metal housing
· 1×USB input (USB B type)
· 1×coaxial digital input
· 1×optical digital input
· 1×XLR balanced output (Fixed/Adjustable/Off)
· 1×RCA balanced output (Fixed/Adjustable/Off)
· Headphone output (standard stereo jack)
· Three-pin IEC AC power socket
· Auto Power Save function
· DSD 2.8M/5.6MHz 低失真播放
· 24bit/192kHz PCM檔案播放
· 非同步傳輸模式
· 可選擇升頻至192kHz(可選擇On/Off)
· BurrBrown PCM1795 D/A 轉換器×2
· 雙聲道電路設計
· MUSES8920 運算放大器×2
· 雙聲道CCLC耳機輸出電路
· 環形鐵芯變壓器
· 全金屬機身
· USB輸入(USB B類型)×1
· 同軸數位輸入×1
· 光纖數位輸入×1
· XLR平衡輸出(固定/可變/關閉×1
· RCA平衡輸出(固定/可變/關閉)×1
· 耳機輸出(標準立體聲插孔)
· 三插針式IEC AC電源插孔
· 自動省電功能

     TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Es_tea12      TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Es_tea13
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      TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Es_tea15      TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Es_tea14

DAC Section     
D/A Converter    BurrBrown PCM1795×2
Up-conversion    192kHz (user defeatable)
Digital audio inputs     
Connector    USB Type B (USB2.0)
Transmission mode    Asynchronous mode
DSD data 
sampling frequency    2.8M/5.6M Hz
PCM data 
sampling frequency    32k/44.1k/48k/88.2k/96k/176.4k/192k Hz
Bit rates    16/24/32 bit
Connector    RCA jack
PCM data 
sampling frequency    32k/44.1k/48k/88.2k/96k/176.4k/192k Hz
Bit rates    16/24 bit
Input level    0.5Vp-p
Input impedance    75 ohms
Connector    Optical digital connector
PCM data 
sampling frequency    32k/44.1k/48k/88.2k/96k Hz
Bit rates    16/24 bit
Input level    -24 to -14.5dBm peak
Analog audio outputs     
Connector    XLR-3-32
Maximum output level    +14dBu(1kHz, full-scale, 10k ohms with load, 0dB when set)
Output impedance    200 ohms
Connector    RCA jack
Maximum output level    2.0Vrms(1kHz, full-scale, 10k ohms when loaded)
Output impedance    100 ohms
Headphone output     
Connector    6.3mm(1/4") stereo phone jack
Maximum output    100mW + +100mW (32 ohms with load, distortion rate 0.1%)
Compatibility impedance    8 ohms to 600 ohms
Power supply     
USA/Canada    AC 120V, 60Hz
Europe    AC 230V, 50Hz
Power consumption    10W
(including protrusions)    215(W)×61(H)×238(D)mm
Weight    2.0kg
4.4 lbs
Accessories    Power cord, Instruction Guide (including Warranty)
Audio performance
Frequency response    5Hz to 55kHz (-3dB, in the case of 192kHz sampling frequency)
S/N ratio    105dB
Distortion    0.0015%(1kHz, in the case of 192kHz sampling frequency)

TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Es_tea17          TEAC UD-301 D/A Converter with USB Streaming Es_tea16 

Thanks for viewing.

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