New Weiduka AC8.8 Premium Sound dedicated power purifier, take a look at its features:
1. The design uses four American special power outlets and more than six power outlet in order to meet different needs.
2. Using high-quality high-purity copper wire to reduce transmission losses and improve the speed of energy supply.
3. The use of professional-grade power outlet, thick copper sheet, good flexibility, close contact, effectively reduce the shock and loss of current mirror,
It is also important to ensure good sound quality, the Ad Hoc voltage LCD digital display table.
4. The use of high-quality capacitor filter, transparent soft music, good sound field.
5. Use detachable power cord, can upgrade according to their personality.
6. With lightning protection and overcurrent protection devices, practical and safe.
NOTE: When the electrical equipment than the rated current of 15A, overcurrent protection device automatically cut off the power outlet; To restart the power supply, please unplug from the electrical equipment, and then click the button to reset the overcurrent protection device can be.
Brand: weiduka
Load reactive power: 3000 w
 load current:15 A
Line voltage: 110 v -- 240 v  ( 110v to 240v voltage can be used)
The whole machine size: 330 * 130 * 110 mm (L* W * H)
The weight: 2.5 KG
Function: the power purification processing, overload, over-current protection, lightning surge protection
Widely because of the home theater, hifi sound systems, household electrical 
Does not include power input lines