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Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan

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Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan Empty Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan

Post by stylelaser.com.my Tue Mar 02, 2021 11:46 am

Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan Brand New. Now Selling At RM46,999. Free Shipping Within West Malaysia.

      Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan Es_183     Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan Es_3104

Integrated Amplifier


Basic and complete
Launching brand new F-series
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_main
Class A Reference Model
Setting out to create one of the most desirable integrated amplifiers available, Esoteric brought together a fully balanced preamplifier and a Class-A power amplifier-both directly derived from its well-respected Grandioso line-to created a new reference for integrated amplifiers that gives full expression to the smooth, full-bodied tones and delicately shaded textures of your favorite music. Featuring distinctive dual monaural construction that extends through all stages, from preamplifier inputs through to the final stage of its power amplifier output, the F-03A Integrated Amplifier brings out the full audio potential of Esoteric's highly regarded K and N Series of digital players.
Class A Reference Model A類的旗艦機種
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_angled_image
F-Series Philosophy: Basic and Complete
Representing a new generation of integrated amplifiers, Esoteric's new F Series has been thoroughly invested with proven results gained in the development of our flagship Grandioso line of separate amplifiers. With the goal of capturing all the inherent warmth and texture of music, not only were the outstanding expressive powers of the Grandioso line pursued, the utmost limits of audio performance were also concentrated into an integrated configuration that offers excellent usability combined with an attractiveness that more than compensates for the limitations of their size. Basic and Complete. With sights set on creating a unique presence in the category, the Esoteric F Series is born.

  • Full Analogue
    Analog amplification circuitry inherited from Esoteric's flagship Grandioso series for consistently superb sound quality.
  • Fully Integrated
    Aspiring to be superior examples of the integrated amplifier format.
  • Fundamental
    Invested with the finest materials and expertise in pursuit of the essence of amplifier design, while seeking uncommon sophistication and substance in the most basic format.
  • Functional
    Offering more versatile tone control capability than separates, while bringing out the full potential of the integrated amplifier by providing ample functionality and abundant expandability in its overall refinement.

透過完整的投資研發,我們創造了有著更顯著發展的 Esoteric 新一代F系列,比起 Grandioso 旗艦分離式擴大機,F系列代表著新一代綜合擴大機。為了捕捉原有的溫暖和音樂的質感,除了達成 Grandioso傑出的表達力,我們更是濃縮了最極致的音頻表現到整合式結構之中,提供完善的使用性和極富吸引力的外觀,來補足尺寸上的限制,簡單而完整。我們著眼於創造一個型錄上獨一無二的存在,於是, Esoteric F系列就此誕生。
音色的選擇比分體式擴大機更靈活。設計雖然洗練卻還是具備了豐富的擴充性和功能性,能夠 把一體式擴大機的潛能發揮到極致。
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan Capture%2816%29
Audio expression, symphonic beauty, artistic passion, the concert hall's spatial feel, the excitement of the audience. Esoteric's Master Sound Works is an audio product concept that recreates all of the music information in original master recordings with the most state-of-the-art technology available today.

聲音的表情、共奏的美、藝術家的熱情、演奏廳的氛圍、觀眾的熱烈。ESOTERIC的「Master Sound Works」是以現代最尖端技術捕捉大師們一切最原始音樂資訊並再現的音響理念。
A Fully Balanced Preamplifier
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_preamp_pcbs
One result of the lavish attention given to the development of the F Series is the preamplifier's fully balanced configuration, which derives from our highly esteemed C Series preamplifier models. Impervious to noise, it delivers pure and powerful signal amplification at ultra-low impedance.
Dual Monaural by Design
The one design feature of these amplifiers that most clearly reflects Grandioso thinking is their dual monaural configuration, which maintains complete left and right channel independence through all stages, from preamplifier to the power amplifier's final stage. As Esoteric integrated amplifiers, the major investments made in circuit construction expertise and materials developed over the years yield excellent channel separation and a measure of sound quality that transcends the class.
Playing a significant role in the F Series' balanced dual monaural configuration is the proprietary Quad Volume Control System (QVCS), which incorporates a total of four precision switched resistor ladder networks operating in unison to electronically and independently control the left and right channels and their positive and negative phases. This system helps maintain superb audio clarity, excellent channel separation and highly accurate phase characteristics. Further, by eliminating all volume control wiring on the audio board, the resulting shorter signal path minimizes deterioration of sound quality while realizing exceptionally low distortion.
* QVCS: Quad Volume Control System
Esoteric – QVCS
*QVCS = Quad Volume Control System
Ultra-Low-Noise Logic Control
As a countermeasure against noise, all control lines have been electronically separated from the main body of the preamplifier with the use of isolator elements integrated into the front panel.
High-Precision Ball Bearing Control Knobs
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_knobs
Employing the same high-precision bearing mechanisms used in our Grandioso components, the F Series' volume control knobs and selector switches provide exceptionally smooth operation with an analog feel free of any mechanical play. Sparing no cost, all panel knobs are also custom-machined from solid aluminum.
Dual Mono Phonostage Preamp
The dual mono phonostage preamp (MM/MC) features independent left and right channel power sources and independent circuits.
High-Quality Headphone Amplifier
The powerful headphone amp provides abundant output to effectively drive even difficult to power high-end high-impedance headphones.
3-Band Tone Control (Treble/Middle/Bass)
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_tone_control
Commitment to achieving all the quality associated with high-end components results in a balanced dual monaural configuration consisting of four circuits (L/R, -/+) for each band. This system enables users to adjust tone settings free of any concerns about sound quality deterioration. Shifting the variable band more than usual toward the high and low frequency ranges (14kHz/63Hz) permits fine adjustment of bass and treble without adversely affecting the original source signal. Fully electronic control also permits fine adjustment of up to ±12dB in 0.5dB steps. The middle band can also be utilized as a loudness preset when set to the minus side and used in conjunction with the Tone Bypass switch.
Power Amplifier Input Stage Features Balanced Configuration
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_heatsink
The power amplification section's front stage is balanced in line with the thinking behind our S Series separate amplifiers. Its low impedance and clean amplification further enhance the dynamic range.
Large-Capacity Custom Power Transformer - The Nucleus of the Finest Power Amplifiers
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_power_supply
The power supplies of the F Series feature large-core 940VA custom EI power transformers and 40,000µF block capacitors for each channel in a dual monaural configuration. Large-gauge cable is used in all connections to help minimize impedance. As in our separate power amplifiers, this outstanding power section achieves a theoretically linear power output ranging from 30W at an 8Ω load to 60W at 4Ω for faithful reproduction of every musical dynamic.
Low Impedance for Enhanced Drive Capability
Utilizing eight 1mm-thick bus bars formed of high-purity OFC, the speaker output section employs MOSFET switching with no mechanical contacts. Coils have also been eliminated from the output stage to minimize impedance and enhance drive capability.
8根匯流排全都是1.0mm的厚實OFC材質,喇叭的輸出級採用MOS FET進行切換,而且不是使用機械接點,輸出級也沒有線圈,讓它維持低阻抗,進而提高驅動能力。
Large Bipolar LAPT Transistors Deliver 34 Amperes of Instantaneous Peak Power
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_lapt_transistors
Featured in Grandioso models up to and including the M1, large bipolar LAPT* transistors deliver an outstanding continuous current capacity of 17A, and 34A of instantaneous peak power. Their superior high frequency characteristics also play a critical role in the accurate reproduction of the most delicate tones.
* LAPT: Linear Amplified Power Transistor
採用到Grandioso M1都一貫使用,持續運作17A、瞬間運作34A、具有壓倒性強大電源供應能力的LAPT*雙極電晶體,能再生出高功率機種才有、強而有力又纖細的音色表現。
*LAPT=Linear Amplified Power Transistor
3-Stage Darlington Circuit with 3 Parallel Push-Pull Configuration + LIDSC
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-0x_block_diagram
Derived from our flagship Grandioso line, the F Series' amplifier modules feature a three-stage Darlington configuration that utilizes three parallel push-pull sections to faithfully bring out the superb high-frequency characteristics of their LAPT transistors. Proprietary LIDSC* circuitry reduces the drive section's second stage to final stage output impedance, achieving loudspeaker drive capability nearly equal to that of our separate amplifiers. NFB has also been minimized to realize a more natural sound quality brimming with life.
* LIDSC: Low Impedance Drive Stage Coupling
*LIDSC =Low Impedance Drive Stage Coupling
3D Optimized Chassis Construction
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_skeleton
The F-Series' 3D Optimized Chassis features robust construction that gives each circuit block its own dedicated compartment. Interference between circuits is effectively minimized while achieving the shortest possible cable routing. Chassis exteriors are formed of thick aluminum panels manufactured without compromise following the same design philosophy imbued in Esoteric's separate amplifiers. As a result, their heavy-duty construction tips the scales at a total weight of 32kg, exceptional among integrated models. Our patented steel pinpoint feet* support the F-03A at four points in order to minimize the negative effects of vibration.
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_feet
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_interior_angled
Designed for System Upgrades
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_option_board_slot
The preamplifier and power amplifier sections of the F Series boast the same degree of refinement as Esoteric's separates, and can both be used as standalone devices, or even disabled if not in use. The PRE-out employs a powerful buffer amplifier, while XLR outputs achieve a highly effective fully balanced configuration. System upgrades can also be performed with no compromises in quality, and an optional board slot facilitates the installation of an optional board, such as OP-DAC1 D/A Converter Board or OP-ESLA1 ES-Link Analog Input Board.
Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_rear
Other features

  • Organic EL display (Normal / Large font)..
  • Two speaker terminal systems (A / B / A+B)..
  • Independently adjustable input gains (±18dB; 0.5dB steps)..
  • L/R channel balance..
  • Individually selectable phase inversion for each source..
  • AV through output (volume bypass) ensures seamless coexistence with AV systems..
  • Preamp output jacks (XLR & RCA) can be switched between PRE Out and REC Out..
  • Aluminum body remote controller can also be used to operate Esoteric's SACD players..
  • Displayed source device names can be remotely programed.
  • Mute, dimmer and automatic display OFF functions.

  • OLED顯示(可切換一般/放大)
  • 2個喇叭端子系統(A, B, A+B)
  • 音訊可調整±18dB的增益範圍(一階0.5dB)
  • L/R左右聲道平衡
  • 可針對音訊個別設置的相位反轉功能
  • 具備與家庭劇院系統共存的便利AV-through輸出(音量ByPass)功能
  • 具備一套切換Pre-Out與REC-Out的RCA輸出端子
  •  附鋁製遙控器,可以連動操作ESOTERIC SACD播放器
  • 顯示幕可以編輯連接音訊的機器名稱
  • 靜音功能、顯示調暗功能、顯示幕自動關閉設定

Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_display_en Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan F-03a_remote_rc-1301

Interested please feel free to contact:

Peter  012-2536225

Fong   016-3098668

Business hour:









Style Online Store 24Hous



No.148, Jalan Cerdas, Taman

Connaught, Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur


Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan Trade

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                                     Esoteric F-03A Integrated Amplifier Made In Japan Es_496

Spec description

Speaker output
Rated output30W + 30W (8Ω)
60W + 60W (4Ω)
Minimum compatible impedance
Damping factor370
Speaker terminalsScrew type × 2 sets (L/R)
Analog audio inputs
XLR (LINE)2 pairs
Input impedance10kΩ
RCA (LINE)4 pairs
Input impedance10kΩ
RCA (PHONO)1 pair
Input impedance
XLR (Pre-in)1 pair
Input impedance47Ω
RCA (Pre-in)1 pair
Input impedance47Ω
Analog audio outputs
XLR (Pre-out)1 pair
Output impedance100Ω
Pre-out S/N ratio
XLR, RCA IN109dB (1V output)
PHONO MC IN75dB (1V output)
PHONO MM IN93dB (1V output)
RCA (Pre-out)1 pair
Output impedance100Ω
Pre-out S/N ratio
XLR, RCA IN109dB (1V output)
PHONO MC IN75dB (1V output)
PHONO MM IN93dB (1V output)
Power supply
AC 230V, 50Hz
AC 120V, 60Hz
AC 220V, 60Hz
Power consumption
AC 230V, 50Hz version290W (no signal: 290W)
AC 120V, 60Hz version290W (no signal: 215W)
External dimensions (W×H×D)445 × 191 × 468mm
17-⅝" × 7-⅝" × 18-½" (including protrusions)
Weight32kg / 70-⅝ lb
Included accessoriesPower cord × 1
Remote cotrol (RC-1301) × 1
AAA batteries × 2
Felt pads × 4
Owner's manual × 1
Warranty card × 1

Thanks for viewing.

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