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NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier

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NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier Empty NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier

Post by stylelaser.com.my Fri May 07, 2021 1:20 pm

NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier Brand New. Now Selling At RM14,999. Free Shipping Within West Malaysia.

               NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier Es_nad36          NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier Es_nad35

M22 V2

Stereo Power Amplifier

Connect to the emotion of live performance through detailed sound with amazing control and transparency. This is the M22 V2. It is easy to find amplifiers that can excel in one or two areas, but the M22 is truly an amplifier that does everything well. Wide open-loop bandwidth, extremely low-phase shift, almost non-existent noise, harmonic and intermodulation distortion independent of load (load invariant), high current capability, low output impedance (high damping factor) uniformly at all audible frequencies—it all adds up to incredible performance. You just have to hear it to feel it.
通过细致入微的声音,以惊人的控制力和透明度来连接现场表演的情感。这就是M22 V2。很容易找到能在一两个方面都有出色表现的放大器,但M22确实是一款无所不能的放大器。宽广的开环带宽、极低的相位偏移、几乎不存在噪声、不受负载影响的谐波和互调失真(负载不变)、高电流能力、在所有可听频率上均匀的低输出阻抗(高阻尼系数)--这一切都让人难以置信的性能。你只需要听到它,就能感受到它。

Hybrid Digital Amplification

The M22 is using the latest nCore™ amplifier technology licensed from Hypex to provide a nearly ideal amplifier with distortion below measurement, ultra-high damping factor, and unconditional stability with any speaker. Tight, detailed sound with amazing control and transparency gets the best performance available. With nCore, Hypex has refined their UcD concept to new levels of perfection by improving the modulator for more accurate feedback subtraction and PWM generation. The all-discrete driver and output stage have also been improved for lower open-loop THD as well as lower idling losses, normally conflicting requirements with conventional IC driver circuitry. An added control loop incorporating an integrator with adaptive clipping enables 20dB more feedback to be used across the audio band because of its extremely low-phase shift resulting in a dramatic reduction in distortion across the audio band. This is added to UcD’s already amazing characteristics of load invariance and high current capability, common characteristics of great-sounding amplifiers.



Effortless Power

Employing the latest generation of digital PowerDrive™, the M22 offers a minimum of 300W per channel with amazing reserves of dynamic power at lower impedances. The M22 is capable of >400W dynamic power per channel even in 8 ohms, >700W in 4 Ohms, and 1,000W in 2 ohms. Need more power? Select Bridge Mode and the M22 offers 950W at 8 Ohms in Mono. It can effortlessly power any loudspeaker to live performance levels with amazing efficiency and low power consumption. Control for PowerDrive is derived by sensing the average output power, applying a time constant, and then cleanly hard clipping the signal thus limiting it to the rated continuous clipping power over a sustained loading. By controlling the power envelope maximum clean power is obtained for every operating condition.



Perfecting Performance

The output stage is only one of several circuits in the amplifier, and each must complement the other to obtain optimal performance. The amp is DC coupled throughout, from input to output, there is no capacitor in the forward signal path. Yet, it has a beneficial 12dB/octave roll-off below 2Hz. It does this using a unique circuit topology that is functionally a forward servo. It is however not a servo in the traditional sense as it does not measure DC at the output and send back a correction signal. Instead part of the input signal is fed to a side chain with a second order low-pass filter. The output of this is subtracted from the forward signal input to the second stage thus rejecting DC.



Clean and Dynamic

The performance of the entire signal path is critically dependent on the power supply; in this case a well regulated, but not too tight, custom switch mode design. This allows maximum dynamic power, very high current yet with very low distortion. Secondary supplies are individually regulated and decoupled at each opamp for lowest possible noise and maximum dynamic range.



          NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier Es_nad37          NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier Es_nad38

Interested please feel free to contact:

Peter  012-2536225

Fong   016-3098668

Business hour:









Style Online Store 24Hous



No.148, Jalan Cerdas, Taman

Connaught, Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur


NAD M22 V2 Stereo Power Amplifier Trade

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Audio Specifications
Continuous output power into 8 ohms and 4 ohms (Stereo mode)
300 W (20 Hz-20 kHz at 0.1% THD, both channels driven)
Continuous output power into 8 ohms (Bridge mode) THD+N (20 Hz – 20 kHz, CCIF IMD, SMPTE IMD, DIM 100)
900 W (20 Hz – 20 kHz at 0.1% THD)
THD+N (20 Hz – 20 kHz, CCIF IMD, SMPTE IMD, DIM 100)
<0.005 % (250 mW to 290W, 8 ohms and 4 ohms)
Note: Measured with Audio Precision AUX-0025 or Prism dS-LPF passive low pass filter
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
>100 dB (A-weighted, ref. 1 W in 8 ohms
>120 dB (A-weighted, ref. 300W in 8 ohms)
Clipping power (Stereo mode, at 1 kHz 8 ohms 0.1 % THD)
>300 W
Clipping power (Bridge mode, at 1 kHz 8 ohms 0.1 % THD)
>950 W
IHF dynamic power (Stereo mode, at 1 kHz 1 % THD)
8 ohms: 400 W
4 ohms: 700 W
2 ohms: 1000 W
Damping factor
>800 (ref. 8 ohms)
Frequency response
±0.1 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Input sensitivity (for 300W in 8 ohms)
1.73 V
Gain level
Low: 19 dB
Medium: 24 dB
High: 29 dB
Minimum input level for Auto Trigger
5 mV at 1 kHz
Standby power
<0.5 W
Dimension and weight
Gross dimensions (W x H x D)
435 x 103 x 379 mm / 17 1/8 x 4 1/16 x 14 15/16 inches
Net Weight
8.9 kg (19.6 lbs)
Shipping Weight
15 kg (33.1 lbs)

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