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Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan

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Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan Empty Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan

Post by stylelaser.com.my Thu May 13, 2021 7:56 pm

Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan Brand New. Now Selling At RM89,999. Free Shipping Within West Malaysia.

                                        Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan Es_eso10


Stereo Power Amplifier
Representing the next generation in a proud lineage of audio excellence
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_main
Grandios Lineage
Representing the next generation in a proud lineage of audio excellence, the S-02 Stereo Poweramplifier and its matching Stereo Preamplifier C-02X feature state-of-the-art circuitry in a discrete dual mono configuration that dramatically conveys all the power and energy of music. Assembled one at a time in ESOTERIS's Tokyo factory and incorporating all the knowledge and technology of the flagship Grandioso line, these two new models accentuate the refined qualities of audio reporduction with expert draftsmanship and handmade precision.
Proudly taking its place as a new reference boasting Grandioso lineage, the S-02 utilizes the know-how and technology employed in Esoteric's premier monoblock M1 and stereo S1 power amplifiers to offer generous power and exceptional dynamics that propel musical crescendos to breathtaking heights. The S-02's outstanding performance and unsurpassed clarity allow the listener not only to hear the music, but also to feel the music, by helping to reproduce the emotion that is the essence of an involving musical experience.
自豪地作為Grandioso系譜中的全新參考,S-02採用Esoteric頂級後級擴大機 M1與立體聲後級擴大機S1的know-how及科技,供應充沛的電源與優異的動態範圍,將漸強的音樂推展至令人驚嘆的高度。情感是音樂體驗的精髓,S-02傑出的性能與非凡的純淨重現了情感,讓聆聽者不僅是聆聽音樂,同時亦感受了音樂
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan Capture%285%29
The Sound of Life Unleashed
– High Power Creates Spaciousness and Dynamism
The indescribable feeling of spaciousness that comes when sound is truly unleashed and the sense that the music you're hearing is truly live, can only be generated by amplifiers that offer abundant power to properly drive the loudspeakers. Esoteric's amplifiers use the finest components and massive power supplies to achieve the high output power this demands. Faithfully incorporating the design philosophy of our Monoblock M1 amplifier, the new S-02 sets free every nuance of sound, and imparts to music all the vibrancy and richness of life. 
聲音完全被解放時,會產生言語無法形容的空間感。聆聽音樂時就如同親臨現場,僅有產生豐沛電源的擴大機才能夠適當地驅動喇叭。Esoteric的擴大機採用精良的零件,其充沛的電源供應能夠達到高電源輸出的嚴苛需求,忠實地加入Monoblock M1擴大機的設計理念,全新的S-02將聲音的每個細微變化都解放了,給予音樂全部的活力與豐富的生命力。
Exceptional Power Linearity for Outstanding Dynamics
Loudspeaker impedance can vary widely depending on the frequencies being reproduced. The fast attack of deep bass imposes demanding loads on an amplifier, requiring not only continuous high power output, but also repeated bursts of peak power. Unless the amplifier's power supply is capable of consistently meeting these demands, musical dynamics will be compromised. The S-02's generous power supply capacity enables this nominally rated 145W into 8 ohms amplifier to deliver an impressive 580W into 2 ohms - a testament to the linearity of a power supply that faithfully reproduces the full spectrum of sound dynamics at all volume levels.
Large-Capacity Custom Power Transformer
– The Heart of the Finest Power Amplifiers
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_main_trans
A robust power supply is critical to an amplifier's ability to deliver high power in a linear manner. This is especially true for the power transformer, so great attention was paid to the material selection, core size and even mounting of the S-02's custom-made EI-type power transformer. Popular among avid audiophiles, this transformer was selected for the full-bodied, high-quality bass it provides. To preserve sound purity, this large-core 940VA transformer features separate windings for left and right channels, and is securely mounted on a rigid, 5mm-thick steel base plate. Three parallel 4,700µF capacitors per channel shorten charge and discharge times, and provide a tighter, faster sound. Power supply wiring uses heavy-duty cables fitted with crimp terminals, which are tightly bolted together to reduce impedance to the lowest levels possible.
Breathtaking Speaker-Driving Power
Ensures Accurate Damping for Large Woofers
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_rear
Optimizing the S-02's loudspeaker drive capability required reducing the output impedance to an absolute minimum. To achieve this, a total of nine bus bars were used for each channel, while the output coil was eliminated. Strenuous efforts were also made to simplify the circuit design and widen its range, resulting in an exceptional damping factor of 1,000, considered a guideline for woofer drive capability. Even large-diameter woofers are provided with accurate damping for precise sound reproduction, giving an expansive feel across a wide range that reaches to even the lowest frequencies.
Balanced Input Stage Configuration Enables High-Clarity Signal Amplification
The S-02's audio input signal enters through discrete balanced input buffer amplifiers and is relayed to the amplification stage by way of a balanced low-impedance signal path. An outstanding dynamic range is assured by clean, noise-free signal amplification that provides the fine sensitivity needed to reproduce nuanced gradations between musical crescendos and silence.
Large Bipolar LAPT Transistors Deliver 34 Amperes of Instantaneous Output Current
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_lapt_transistors
The S-02's large bipolar LAPT* transistors are twice the size of more commonly used power transistors. They also boast an exceptional continuous current capacity of 17 amps and an instantaneous peak capacity of 34 amps. In addition, they offer superior high-frequency characteristics that contribute to accurate reproduction of subtle tonal qualities.
* LAPT=Linear Amplified Power Transistor
大型雙極LAPT晶體 傳遞34安培瞬時輸出電流
S-02的大型雙極LAPT*晶體,為一般電源晶體的兩倍大,擁有優異的17 安培持續電流容量與34安培的瞬時峰值電容,此外,他們提供絕佳的高頻特性,能夠準確提供細微音質的再生。
*LAPT=Linear Amplified Power Transistor
3-Stage Darlington Circuit with 5 Parallel Push-Pull Configuration
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_power_transistors
The power amplifier module uses bipolar LAPT transistors in a three-stage Darlington configuration with five parallel push-pull sections. To realize the superior high-frequency characteristics of these devices, a simplified amplifier circuit was developed to reduce the number of components and parallel elements.
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_heatsink
LIDSC (Low Impedance Drive Stage Coupling)
Provides Loudspeaker Drive Capability Approaching That of the M1
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_block_diagram
The S-02's unique LIDSC circuit reduces the drive section's second stage to final stage output impedance, while enhancing current supply capability. This makes it possible to maximize amplitude within the available power supply voltage while reducing distortion, and so give this compact Stereo Power Amplifier a loudspeaker drive capability approaching that of the Monoblock M1.
LIDSC(Low Impedance Drive Stage Coupling)
Minimized Negative Feedback (NFB)
for a More Energetic and Natural Sound
Simplifying the amplifier circuitry and reducing the previous stage's gain results in greatly reduced Negative Feedback (NFB) for a more natural and life-like sound.
Independently Powered Voltage Amplifier Stage
for Dramatically Improved Resolution
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_sub_trans
To prevent large fluctuations in the drive (current amplification) stage from affecting overall sound quality, the preceding voltage amplification stage receives a low level signal from the input stage, and derives its power from a dedicated power supply equipped with its own toroidal power transformer. This isolation ensures a stable supply of power to the voltage amplification stage for greatly enhanced resolution of fine instrument details, even when reproducing full orchestral crescendos.
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_power_pcb
High-Quality Components Selected For Outstanding Characteristics and Sensitivity
The S-02 employs highly reliable XLR and RCA input connectors, and loudspeaker terminals produced by WBT of Germany. Other high-grade components include low-impedance electrolytic capacitors and transistors featuring superior high-frequency characteristics.
High-Precision Chassis Construction Optimizes Vibration Suppression
Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan S-02_interior
Maintaining Esoteric's traditional dual-level configuration, the S-02's chassis features a 2mm-thick sheet steel internal framework that segregates circuit blocks into specialized compartments for the shortest signal path possible. This compartmentalized internal construction is built on a rigid 5mm-thick steel base and enclosed by thick aluminum panels. Esoteric's original pinpoint feet provide a four-point support system that further ensures high structural rigidity, while eliminating resonances.

Interested please feel free to contact:

Peter  012-2536225

Fong   016-3098668

Business hour:









Style Online Store 24Hous



No.148, Jalan Cerdas, Taman

Connaught, Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur


Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan Trade

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                                              Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan Es_eso11

Spec description
Speaker output     
Rated output power    145W + 145W (8Ω)
290W + 290W (4Ω)
Maximum output power    580W + 580W (2Ω)
Damping factor    1000
Analog audio inputs     
XLR    1 pair
Input impedance    44kΩ
RCA    1 pair
Input impedance    22kΩ
Power supply     
     AC 230V, 50Hz
     AC 120V, 60Hz
     AC 220V, 60Hz
Power consumption    440W (no signal: 160W)
External dimensions (W×H×D)    445 × 221.5 × 489.6mm
17-⅝" × 8-¾" × 19-⅜" (including protrusions)
Weight    48kg / 105-⅞ lb
Included accessories    Power cord × 1
Power cord support bracket × 1
Power cord support bracket screw × 2
Felt pads × 4
Owner's manual × 1
Warranty card × 1

Audio performance
Frequency response    5Hz to 100kHz (+0dB, –3dB, 8Ω)
S/N ratio    115dB (IHF-A)
Total harmonic distortion    0.003% (1kHz, 8Ω, 145W)
Gain    29dB

               Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan Es_eso13               Esoteric S-02 Stereo Power Amplifier Made In Japan Es_eso12

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