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Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore

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Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Empty Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore

Post by KS AV SOLUTION Tue Feb 27, 2024 9:02 am

KS AV SOLUTION the Only Solution for your Lovely HT system. 

KS AV SOLUTION is coming to Alor Setar this Saturday/Sunday 2/3-03-24 and Melaka on 16/17-03-24. Call for more details 0194004551.
Now don't worry if your house is vibrating and you have no room to place your speakers around. We have the best solution to settle this issue and bring your lovely HT alive.
Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Sing_c13
Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Singap10Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Cinta_12
Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Custom13
Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Kl10Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Cinta_12
Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Custom13
Alor Setar & Melaka & Singapore Kl10
We are going around Malaysia & Singapore including Sabah & Sarawak.
March Slots available now. Call now and book early to get attractive prices and packages if you took both Audio & Video Calibration together.

Why should you calibrate your TV/ Projector?

All new TV/Projector  - OLED/ LED TV-Projector / LCD Projector /QLED/PLASMA / 4K TV / 8K TV / DLP Projector / run standard factory settings. These settings are not optimized for your home or your personal preferences . Different rooms have their own unit environment. If you don’t calibrate your TV/Projector  you may find colours are too bright or the contrast between deep blacks and bright whites isn’t as stark as it should be. Calibrating your TV/Projector  means you can achieve the best picture quality possible while also reducing any eye strain you’d get from watching for hours. It might even expand the lifespan of your TV/Projector because it can reduce the amount of power it uses by powering it off after a set time or dimming your backlight when you aren’t watching. By getting your display calibrated you have the peace of mind of knowing that the picture you are watching is exactly what the content creators intended you to see.  

Professional visual calibration also ensures accurate colour reproduction, contrast, and brightness levels on the display, maximising the visual impact of movies, gaming and content such as sporting events and music concerts. We will eliminate issues like oversaturated colours, washed-out images and inaccurate skin tones. 

Automatic Audio calibration Problems :
- Incorrect smoothing , no windowing
- No time alignment of measurements at different locations . Timing is based on the first measurement point only. Response deviates from reality by distance. 
- Volume averaging of measurement rather than vector averaging completely disregarding phase cancellations: Exam, Audyssey / Dirac / YPAO = Reference / Flat and EQ Applied.
- Inaccurate delay calculation (no clock ppm correction)       
- Impulse response resolution is 1/8th of that of REW for the same sampling rate and frequency range.
- Uncalibrated microphone .

Full Speaker Calibration. Our calibration is based on : 
-  Full Flexibility on the Target Curve , Smoothing and Windowing choices , correction frequency range vs none or only available with paid apps. 
- Perfect timing (cross Correlation ) and Volume level (octave range centered around the frequency) adjustment of each and every speaker in the system including ATMOS height speakers.
- Correct room response measurement by accurate multiple position averaging and alignment.
- Correction of speaker/room response with optimize equalizer band adjustment .

Why should you call KS AV SOLUTION?
1. Save money from upgrading the system .
2. Save a lifetime of TV/Projector. (From 3 years to many more years - Proven) 
3. One time investment on Audio Calibration System. 
4. Tell us all your HT problems and we settle it once and forever. 
5. Just call 019-4004551 and we will find out your problems. 
These are our KS AV SOLUTION Goals.
1. Dialog clarity - As the majority of the story in any movie or show is conveyed by dialog, it is essential that it be clearly intelligible.

2. Localization accuracy - Movie soundtracks are replete with sound effects placed throughout the sound field to increase immersion, realism, and dimensionality of the narrative. These pin-point sounds can include cars, airplanes, punches, gunshots, moving objects from left to right or from top to bottom, etc. Some of the sounds are targeted to positions where speakers are expected to be, and others are in-between speakers, formed by "phantom images."

3. Sound movement - The sound designer or mixer of media content can decide to move pin-point effects around the sound field to extend the action on screen, further enhancing the sense of realism for the audience. This can include things like cars traversing the screen or headed back behind the audience, airplanes flying over, or any other sounds that put the audience in the middle of the action. The sounds will move between speaker locations and phantom images, so timbre-matching is important.

4. Sound field immersion and envelopment - Many scenes in programs call for an even, enveloping, and immersive sound field. Sounds to set an ambience, such as wind and rustling leaves, or music and reverberation can be employed by the sound mixer and should be distributed evenly throughout the space without specific localization. Immersive sounds may involve any combination of speakers, with timbre matching also being important.

5. Tonal balance (timbre) - Also known as spectral balance or timbre, this basic frequency domain notion is sometimes one of the hardest to describe, measure, and tune. Ideally, all tones in the audible spectrum are reproduced in the entertainment space, appropriately balanced in a way that matches the original production environment. The broader the frequency range of a sound, the more it may be affected by its reproduction accuracy. Deviations in tonal balance by as little as 1 or 2 dB can profoundly affect the audibility of sound effects, the character of music, spatial balance, and frequency balance of the soundtrack.

6. Dynamic range - Multimedia soundtracks can contain upwards of 100 dB of dynamic range — the difference between silence and the loudest burst of sound. On the quieter side may be music passages, ambience sounds, subtle cues, reverberation tails, and many other types of subtle sounds that need to be reproduced faithfully. All sound peaks such as gun shots and explosions should be reproduced without distortion or limiting in the amplifiers or speakers.

7. Bass impact - Multimedia soundtracks use a lot of bass effects to convey action, realism, mood, and dynamics. They can extend to 20 Hz and lower with peak levels of up to 115 dB SPL. Add the complexity of standing wave resonances in the middle of the bass range and it becomes evident that is an inherently challenging range of signals to reproduce. It is very common to have wide bass variations from seat to seat, with differences of up to 25 dB in frequency response. However, dynamic, punchy, loud bass is a big favourite of audiences, so it is crucial to get it right.

8. Audience coverage - Seat-to-seat variations in sound quality should be reduced to a minimum so that everyone in the entertainment space has a similar experience. Bass variations are the toughest to control, followed by localization and immersion. There are many ways to ensure consistency throughout the space, using proper equipment selection, placement, acoustical control, and calibration practices.

KS AV SOLUTION are well known for the lowest charges around with outstanding performance and results in both Audio & Video Calibration for the past 5 years with full experience.

- Full Setup Home Theatre System
- Audio / Speakers Calibration
- Video/ Projector /TV Calibration
- Home Theatre Diffuser & Acoustic Treatments
- Karaoke Setup
- Stereo System Setup
- Professional Remote Audio Calibration Available - RM650.00 & SGD250 T&C Applies.

March 2024
Alor Setar
02-03-24 - 1 last Slot 
03-03-24 - Slot Available

Wednesday 06/13/20/27-03-24 The slots are available. Malaysia States Only.

IPOH / Taiping
09-03-24 -1 Slot  Available
10-03-24 - Slots Available

16-03-24 - 1 slot Available
17-03-24 - Slots Available

KL / Seremban/JB
23-03-24 - Slot Available
24-03-24 - 1 Slot Available

Singapore Only
30-03-24 - Slots Available
31-03-25 - 1 Slot Available

KS AV SOLUTION Professional Speaker/TV/Projector Calibration.
Audio & Home Theatre Audition

37, Jalan Villa Tanjung Permai 3, Villa Tanjung Permai Batu Kawan. Bandar Cassia . Batu Kawan. Penang.
Do Visit us for a more full  Theatrical experience.
Person to Contact : +60-19400 4551
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