The ForceField FF4 Subwoofers’ unique and attractive cabinet shape, with its non-parallel cabinet walls (the top is narrower than the bottom when viewed from the front), helps the ForceField subs achieve extraordinarily deep and tuneful bass that is ideal for music and movies.

The cutting-edge amplifier design utilized in the ForceField Subwoofers employs state-of-the-art DSP control for frequency shaping so the subs produce accurate, consistent and musical bass performance. It's on-board processor manages a myriad of functions including: soft-clipping, DC offset control, output-stage antisaturation protection and discrete multi-band limiting. Intrinsic circuit distortion is an order of magnitude less than on prior existing design technologies, allowing a reduction in the amount of negative feedback required to achieve low distortion and yielding excellent stability and transient response.

FF4 include a low level (mono) input as well as speaker-level inputs with high-passed speaker-level outputs. Finish on the subwoofers is matte black.