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AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes

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AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes Empty AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes

Post by raymond88 on Mon May 18, 2020 12:53 am

Item: AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes

Condition: 8.5/10. Item is in like new condition. No dents or scratches.

Price: RM5800 or swap/topup

Retail Price: $2095 USD

Contact: 012-3816611

AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes At110

Technical Parameters :

Tubes: KT88-2pcs; ESS-83-2pcs

Output power:

triode modes: 8 W

ultra linear mode: 12 W

Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz

Distortion: less than 1%

Input Impedance: 100kΩ

“The M-101 is a dynamic little sucker able to reproduce the bass region with surprisingly high marks. What about the rest of what we audiophiles want from a power amp (or should I call the M-101 an integrated)? Well, here’s the real kicker. As good as the M-101 is in these things, the rest is just as glorious. ………The M-101 was almost magical in how images sprang to life in a wide and lifelike soundfield.” Dave Clark / Positive Feedback “The Acoustic Masterpiece’s way with nuance was evident in many recordings, but especially with Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Facing Future. It reminded me why there is an audio hobby. Bass that is only implied by the Classe became a fully realized impression—the big, and I mean BIG, drums on this album pack the wallop that big drums should. The M-101’s bottom end conveys not only the unique timbre of the drum, but also the image of a drum skin under tension being struck, with lots of decay. This is the special kind of performance which implies the size and shape of the instrument. This performance was matched on other music. If there was a substantial bottom end in a piece of music, the Audio Mastery grabbed it and carried the rest of the music along….The Acoustic Masterpiece’s pedigree was present at the top end of the spectrum, too. Cymbals sounded metallic, without being steely. There is a distinct sheen to live cymbals, but what is usually produced by audio gear—primarily solid state—is steeliness, and that is not the same at all. With the M-101, cymbals sound like metal shimmering in air, without any ringing added…..This is the first time I’ve heard a product designed by Atasushi Miura, Air Tight’s designer. The M-101’s performance explains to me why Air Tight is one of the hallowed brands in high-end audio. In the right room, and with the right accompanying equipment, it will be a best buy. “ Larry Cox / Positive Feedback “The Acoustic Masterpiece M-101 was the most emotionally involving amplifier I have had in my home. It is a consummate musical communicator. My journey with audioMusings began one year ago. How fitting that the journey has landed me in the world of SET. This is where I want to stay for a while” Victor Chavira / Positive Feedback “Okay, a good SET tube amp is supposed to have that magical midrange and that liquid and grainless quality, but how would this translate to rougher, more dynamic music? On to Neil Young’s Ragged Glory, Metallica’s And Justice For All, and Led Zeppelin. Once again, the M-101 acquitted itself quite well. Electric guitars sounded sweet, with just the right amount of edge. Zep’s electric blues were smoking. The recording lacks air and dimensionality, but that’s not what this music is about. For a better recording of electric blues, I spun Jimmy D. Lane’s Long Gone CD. His guitar sounded sharp, his rhythm section explosive. The higher notes of guitars were round and clear…..When it came to the low frequencies, this amp was a surprise. I thought things would fall apart there, but they didn’t. Acoustic and electric bass had very good pitch definition and impact. About six minutes into track 11 of Brubeck’s "Take Five" on the Mo Fi sampler (I told you these discs had some cool music on them), the bass player—presumably Eugene Wright—plays some intricate bass patterns that the M-101 reproduces with speed and clarity. The piano comes in, a flood of notes washes the stage, then a drum solo pulls everything together. Slick indeed…….After quite a few days with the little Air Tight in my system, switching back to a solid state amp was a letdown. It was like going from a great sounding turntable to just about any CD player. Now that I’ve listened to such a fine amp, my search just got more difficult. I was wrong in calling this amp a little red rooster. It reminds me of that bad ass little chicken hawk that used to pester poor old Foghorn Leghorn so much. Big things do come in small packages.” Francisco Duran / Positive Feedback “I'm a 30-year tube-using audio consumer and have had some great amps over the years. The AM M101 is among the clearest most resolving amplifiers I've ever heard. The tiny bugger has the density of plutonium, loaded with excellent Tamura X-formers.” Posted by 213Cobra (A) / Audio Asylum SPECS Tubes 12AX7 (2) KT88 (2) Output 8 watts Class A Ultralinear THD Less than 1 % at 1 kHz Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 1dB Input Sensitivity 2 volts Output Transformers Tamura Transformers designed by AirTight Power consumption 150 watts Dimensions 11.75” x 7.9” x 7.25” Weight 33 lbs

AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes At210

AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes At310

AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes At410

AirTight (Acoustic Masterpiece) M-101 Single Ended Power Amp using KT88 Tubes At510



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